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Why Do You Need MTP Pre-Terminated Fiber Solutions?


Today’s modern data center proposition continues to promote the hot topics around consolidation, reduced operating expense, flexibility, scalability and of course being as ‘Green’ as possible along the way. That sounds simple, but when you start to achieve all of the above, maybe difficult than you imagine. Recently, more and more mission critical enterprise networks are considering the need for multiple fibers in a high density, modular and pre-terminated solution. Why are they become so popular? And do you also consider this solution for your network?

Some Changes Occurred in Panel to Panel Links
We have seen panel to panel links, both copper and fiber being installed for many years. These tend to be mainly in data centres, linking up racks, and therefore providing easy moves and changes within local patching fields. But, the trouble is these fibers are terminated and then fixed permanently in to place. In the past, a fiber installation would have involved a good amount of forward thinking, ensuring that the planned lengths were precise as there would be little movement to rectify any mistakes. This would result in a costly installation. Therefore, it’s clear that high speed enterprise networks are already demanding and installing multiple fibers MTP solution, meaning selecting that right easy and expandable fiber infrastructure choice from the offset is of vital importance.

Pre-Terminated MTP Connection Becomes the Hottest Topic
When it comes down to fiber it has to be the pre-terminated MTP connections, providing new advancing technologies that provide multiple fibers in a very small and modular footprint. MTP type connectors, also referred to as MPO, supplying you with a single trunk cable of either 12 or 24 cores. All in all, not much thicker than a standard fiber patch lead, so greatly reduced in size from previous pre-terminated fiber cable installations. However, already being requested are larger cores of 36, 48, 72, 96 or even 144 – but do keep in mind that these will be thicker in construction and could be made of multiple cores on a number of separate cables.

12 24 MTP MPO connector

Where Could Pre-Terminated MTP Solution Be Used?
The MTP to MTP fiber cassettes suit various environments, applications and budgets. Primarily, data centres, DR-Co locations, FCoE SAN’s, links between floors/risers and larger communication rooms. Basically, for anyone that needs to quickly create a 10 Gigabit performance fiber network backbone. All of these demand, and would ultimately benefit, from the uncompromised performance, density and scalability that MTP solutions can provide. Additional to the MTP to MTP cassette links, we are also seeing an increased demand for ‘last metre’ fan out cables. For example, 12x LC connections to a single MTP adapter, being used for direct 40 Gigabit equipment links. With the ever increasing need for more bandwidth and virtualisation of application 40Gbp’s speeds are already being installed in data centers.

MTP Pre-Terminated Fiber Solution

How Does It All Stack Up?
Supplied as part of the MTP solution is a 1U rack mountable fiber enclosure, so the installation is extremely easy. Each 1U enclosure will hold 3 cassettes and at the back of each cassette you can then access the MTP trunk cable male socket(s). The more cassettes you purchase the more 1U trays are supplied. You will then find at the front of multimode or single-mode cassettes are the legacy LC fiber connections, in either a 6 or 12 duplex (12 or 24 Core), to link back to the active network hardware or existing patch panels. Minimal time is required for the installation, with no need for onsite fiber termination and better still no out of hours working, allowing you to experience the highest performance from your network.

MTP cassette

If you would like any further information around our easy and expandable MTP fiber solution then please do get in touch with us at sales@fs.com or visit our website at www.fs.com. Thanks for reading and I hope this article has been a useful introduction to MTP pre-terminated fiber solution.

MTP Fiber Cable Solutions


MTP technology with multi-fiber connectors offers ideal conditions for setting up high-performance data networks in data centers to handle future requirements. This technology makes scaling and migration to network operation with 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet easier and more efficient. There are many MTP products in the market now, such as MTP fiber cables, MTP connectors, MTP cassettes and MTP adapters. This text will tell some MTP fiber cable solutions.

Introduction of MTP Fiber System
MTPThe MTP fiber system is a truly innovative group of products that moves fiber optic networks into the new millennium. MTP fiber and MTP assemblies take their name from the MTP “Multi-fiber Termination Push-on” connector, designed and introduced as a high performance version of the MPO connectors. MTP does interconnect with the MPO connectors. Each MTP contains 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels in a connector smaller than most duplex connections in use today. MTP connectors allow high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms. It is the same size of a SC connector but since it can accommodate 12 fibers, it provides up to 12 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space.

Types of MTP Fiber Cable
MTP fiber cables as an important part of the multi-fiber connection system, are designed for the reliable and quick operations in data centers. The obvious benefits of these cables are less space requirements and improved scalability, providing significant space and cost savings. The MTP cables are generally used for 40GbE and 100GbE network environment.

There are two configurations for MTP cable assemblies. One is the MTP connector to MTP connector trunk cable that connects a MTP cassette to another MTP cassette. Another is MTP connector to LC or other fiber connector. Which is often called the MTP harness cable.

  • MTP Trunk Cables
    MTP trunk cables, serve as a permanent link connecting the MTP modules to each other, are available in 12-144 counts. MTP patch cords will not be used until 40G and 100G active devices are employed (with MTP interface). The ends of MTP patch cords are terminated with the customer’s choice of 12-fiber or 24-fiber MTP connectors. These high count MTP assemblies are ideal for backbone and data center applications that require a high fiber count in a limited space.

MTP Trunk Cables

  • MTP Harness Cables
    MTP harness cables, also called MTP breakout cable or MTP fanout cable, are available in 8-144 counts. The MTP harness cables work from trunk backbone assemblies to fiber rack system in the high density backbone cabling. As terminated with MTP connectors on one end and standard LC/FC/SC/ST/MTRJ connectors (generally MTP to LC) on the other end, these cable assemblies can meet a variety of fiber cabling requirements.

MTP Harness Cables

MTP Fiber Cable for 40GbE and 100GbE
Parallel optics technology has become the transmission option of choice in many data centres and labs as it is able to support 10G, 40G, and 100G transmission. Since parallel optical communication uses multiple paths to transmit a signal at a greater data rate, factory terminated MTP connectors which have either 12 fibre or 24 fibre array will support this solution.

No matter for 40G or 100G transmission, there are two MTP cable solutions. One is with the MTP trunk cable, the other is with the MTP harness cable. QSFP to QSFP uses MTP trunk cable, and QSFP to 4 SFP+ uses MTP harness cable.

  • MTP Cable 40G Solutions
    For 40GbE, a 12-fiber MTP trunk cable is used. 10G is sent along each channel/fibre strand in a send and receive direction. Here 8 of 12 fibres providing 40G parallel transmission. Shown in the following picture.

For 40GbE, a 12-fiber MTP to LC harness cable is used. The IEEE ratified the 40GBASE-SR4 (MTP interface) standard that uese 4 lanes at 10G SFP+ (LC interface) per lane over multimode fiber for a total of 8 fibers. Shown in the following picture.


  • MTP Cable 100G Solutions
    For 100GbE, a 24-fiber MTP trunk cable is used. 10G is sent along each channel/fibre strand in a send and receive direction. Here 20 of 24 fibres providing 100G parallel transmission. Shown in the following picture.

MTP 100G
For 100GbE, a 24-fiber MTP to LC harness cable is used. The IEEE ratified the 100GBASE-SR10 (MTP interface) standard that uese 10 lanes at 10G SFP+ (LC interface) per lane over multimode fiber for a total of 20 fibers. Shown in the following picture.

MTP 100G

High Density MTP Cables Assemblies and MTP Cassettes


IT operations are crucial to the organization for business continuity. Data centers are the central location for data interchange in IT operation of organizations and networked server farms. Ribbon fiber cables, array-based fiber connectors, and packaged breakout assemblies provide modular small form factor connectivity and enable fast, reliable interconnection of fiber optic links in high-density data center environments. Higher bandwidth requirement for 10G/40G/100G parallel optics, requirement to reduce cable size for better air flow, structured zone approach, reduction in rack space, higher density of servers and ports and reduction in installation time has brought in requirement for factory terminated high density cabling solutions. Factory terminated cable systems reduce installation time and offer scalable design and implementation. The following are MTP cable and high density MTP cassettes from FS.COM.

High Density MTP Cassette

MTP Cassette modules provide a secure transition between MTP and LC or SC discrete connectors. They are used to interconnect MTP backbones with LC or SC patching. LC to MTP and SC to MTP Fiber module provides a quick and efficient way to deploy up to 24 LC or 12 SC fiber ports in a single module. This factory terminated and tested ports are protected within the housing for reliably high performance and simply connected via 12-strand MTP ports. Modules are available in OM3, OM4 & SM fiber.

FS.COM MTP cassettes are enclosed units that contain 12 or 24–fiber factory terminated fan-outs inside. These cassettes serve to “transition” small diameter ribbon cables terminated with an MTP connector to the more common LC or SC interface used on the transceiver terminal equipment.

High Density MTP Cables

The fan-outs typically incorporate SC, LC connectors plugged into adapters on the front side of the cassette and an MTP connector plugged into an MTP adapter mounted at the rear of the cassette. One or more MTP fan-out assemblies may be installed inside the cassette to connect up to two 12-fiber ribbon cables for a total of 24 fibers. Alignment pins are pre-installed in the MTP connector located inside the cassette. Now the following is the MTP trunk cable.

Pre-connector MTP Cables are made up of 12, 24, 48 fiber LSOH jacketed micro cables terminated at both ends with MTP® Connectors (without pins). These are used as the backbone or horizontal cable interconnections. These plug and play solutions with micro core cable maximize bend radius and minimize cable weight and size. MTP Trunk Cable is factory pre-terminated, tested and packed along with the test reports. These assemblies are available in OM3, OM4 and SM fiber. Standard lengths of 5, 10, 25 meters are available. Custom lengths are also available on request. The MTP cables are packed as coils in lengths up to 50m long and on reels.

High Density MTP Breakout Cable

MTP Breakout Cable is a type of fan-out fiber optic cable ideal for data distribution to patch panels. These can be configured with 12 fiber, 24 fiber, and 48 fiber MTP connectors. They are available in both male and female MTP connectors, and also come with LC, SC, ST, and FC connectors on the fan outside.

Pre-connector MTP breakout cable assemblies are designed for high density applications which require high performance and speedy installation without onsite termination. MTP breakout cable is made up of 12 LSOH jacketed cable terminated at one end in MTP connectors, through a bifurcation unit, to SC or LC connectors terminated on 2mm OD simplex cables. These are used to connect equipment in racks to MTP cables. MTP cables are numbered for full traceability. Available in 12 core configuration, these space-saving assemblies come with either MTP Male or MTP Female Connectors on one end and LC or SC Connectors on the other end. They are available in OM3, OM4 or SM fiber in lengths of 5, 10, 25 meters, custom lengths are available on request.

We offer a wide range of MTP Cables including Trunk Cables,  MTP to LC breakout cables and MTP cassettes (or patch panels). All the assemblies are fully compliant with IEC Standards 61754-7 and TIA 604-5. We also provide Customized Service such as optional fiber counts, cable types and lengths etc.