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Cabling Solution for Upgrading to 40G and 100G Fiber


Migrating from 10G (that uses two fibers in either a SC Duplex or a LC Duplex connector) to 40G and 100G fiber will require a lot more fibers and a different type of connector. The way that optical fiber cabling is deployed for 10G can facilitate an easier migration path to 40G and 100G fiber in the future. An effective migration strategy needs to provide a smooth transition to the higher Ethernet speeds with minimum disruption and without wholesale replacement of existing cabling and connectivity components.

10G use LC duplex cabling

Optical fiber cabling is commonly deployed for backbone cabling in data centers for switch to switch connections and also for horizontal cabling for switch to server and storage area network connections. The use of pre-terminated optical fiber cabling can facilitate the migration path to 40G and 100G fiber in the future. Figure below illustrates a pre-terminated cable assembly (MPO cassette) containing 24 OS2 single-mode fibers with two 12-fiber MPO connectors at both ends. This fiber cable assembly plugs into the back of a breakout cassette that splits the 24 fibers into 12 LC Duplex connectors at the front of the cassette.

MPO cassette has duplex lc connector and MTP connector

Four of these cassettes are mounted in a one rack unit (1U) patch panel to provide up to forty-eight 10G equipment connections using LC Duplex patch cords. The FS.COM FHD 1U fiber enclosure with four LC Duplex cassettes is illustrated in Figure below.

1U fiber enclosure with four LC Duplex cassettes

If upgrading from 10G to 40G, one or more of the LC duplex cassette(s) can be replaced with 12 port MPO adapters. The MPO adapters are designed to fit in the same opening as the cassettes. The Figure below illustrates the case where all four cassettes are replaced with four high density 12 port MPO adapters. This solution illustrates an upgrade path from 10G to 40G that does not require any additional space and reuses the same patch panels. The 12 LC duplex cassette(s) are replaced with 12 port MPO adapter(s) as needed. Additional 24-fiber cable assemblies (or any fiber counts in multiples of 12 fibers) are provided as needed for backbone or horizontal cabling.

1U fiber enclosure with four MPO adapter

MPO Solution For Gigabit Ethernet


Fiberstore has designed and developed ‘quality product with affordable pricing’ for communication infrastructure solutions. This position has been achieved through our core principle of delivering maximum performance through design excellence. We built our business and products based on high product quality, trust and excellent service. We want to deliver first class solutions and a first class service to our customers.

MPO Fiber Optic Solution is a high performance, preterminated, modular system designed for high density Gigabit Ethernet Applications. It is a Plug and Play Solution that offers excellent performance and speedy installation. MPO Solution can support 10 Gb/s for link lengths up to 300 meters using laser optimized OM3 fiber, and up to 550 meters using laser optimized OM4 fiber, with a low insertion loss of 0.5dB. MPO Module employ high performance MTP adapters from US CONEC.

Fiberstore MPO end to end solution includes:

*MPO Cassette, 12 or 24 SC, LC Ports
*MPO Fanout Hydra Cable with LC or SC Connectors
*MPO to MPO Trunk Cable
*MPO Adapters
*MPO Adapter Plates
*MPO Blanking Plates (for expansion ports)
*MPO Chassis, 14 Vertical Slots, 3U, with 336 fiber terminations
*Modular Patch Panel, 3 Slots, 1U, with 72 fiber terminations

MPO Ferrule is the key component of the MPO Solution is a 12 fibre MPO (multi fibre push on) connector with a housing footprint size of a SC Simplex connector in a single floating ferrule. MPO Solution uses US Conec MTP connector, who are the market leaders. These connectors are made of precision moulded thermoplastic with metal guide pins, precise housing with asymmetrical face that allow only one orientation into the adapter, to ensure polarity is maintained along the channel.

The micro-core cables used in the MPO Cable assemblies gives about 65% reduction in the physical size of the cable per fiber when compared to traditional fiber cables.MPO Solution with 12 core LC quad adapters offers 72 LC terminations in 1U rack space using modular patch panels, and 336 LC terminations in 3U rack space using 3U Chassis. MPO Adapter Panel with 12 Core MPO connectors offers very high connectivity of 288 fibers and with 24 core MPO connectors it doubles to 576 fiber terminations in 1U rack space. Now the following is the Assemblies for Gigabit Ethernet.

MPO Cassette

MPO Cassette offers installers the choice to prepare the distribution units off site and allows for faster termination of the fiber backbone. MPO Modules can support 10Gb/s for link lengths up to 300 meters using laser optimized OM3 fiber, and up to 550 meters using laser optimized OM4 fiber, with an insertion loss of 0.5dB. MPO Module employ high performance MPO connectors for US Conec on
the rear of the units routed to the adapters of your choice in the front.

MPO Cassette

MPO Module can be installed in 1U Sliding Patch Panel and 3U Chassis. They are available with LC and SC connectors, with a choice of Singlemode, Multimode OM3 and Multimode OM4 connectivity.

MPO Trunk Cable

MPO Trunk Cable Assemblies are designed for high density application which offers excellent benefits in terms of on-site installations, time and space saving. These plug ‘n’ play solutions uses micro core cables to maximize bend radius and minimize cable weight and size. MPO Trunk Cables are factory preterminated, tested and packed along with the test reports.

Fiber Trunk Cable

Complied with the standard TIA-568C.3-2008 and YD/T1272.5-2009, it was widely used in the pre-terminated system of the IDC and blocks. This system applies to the 10G Ethernet transmissions and it is also available to the updated system for 40G/100G in the future. MPO trunk cable helps to fast installation for Data Center and other Fiber Optic environment. Its efficient plug and play structure which can significantly lower the installation and daily maintenance costs surpasses MDA, HDA and EDA regional module cassette or fan-out fiber connections. The high quality fiber optic cable and MPO accessories makes up the Linkbasic MPO Trunk cable and provides lower insertion loss and higher return loss so that it fully complied to the high speed network system.

MPO Breakout Cable

Fiberstore MPO cables are designed to offer a high degree of flexibility through available features and options, allowing each cable to be manufactured to fit the exact application. With the multitude of applications and requirements most Multi-Fiber MTP-MPO Breakout cables have. Fiberstore has established an extensive list of standard options ensuring each cable is designed and built to fit your need. Now the following is the MPO Breakout product from Fiberstore.

MPO Breakout Cable Assemblies are designed for high density applications which require high performance and speedy installations without onsite terminations. MPO breakout cables are numbered for full traceability. Available in 12 core configurations, these space saving assemblies come with either MPO Male or MPO Female Connectors on one end and LC or SC Connectors on the other end.

Fiberstore MTP MPO cables are available in single mode, multimode, and laser optimized fiber types, multiple jacket/construction types for different applications, fiber count from 2-72 fibers, and breakout style/length.

24 Fiber Data Center Fiber Trunking and Interconnect Solution


At the heart of every enterprise is a data center that manages information that drives the business. It’s a complex, everchanging infrastructure that must be able to adapt quickly. New technologies, platforms and media, as well as end user demands for exponentially growing bandwidth pose a relentless challenge to data center managers who must keep pace with this evolution. One key to successfully navigating these challenges is to implement a solid technology migration strategy.

How can you make the best use of technology to ensure your data center can support the next three generations of equipment and successfully take you to from 1 GbE to 10GbE. The following is the intrduction of 24 Fiber System Interconnect Solution.

The 10 Gigabit Interconnect Solution, like all of the planned migration designs, employs a 24-fiber cassette with a single MPO-type connector at each end. A trunk interfaces with the rear of a 24-fiber MPO cassette that breaks out the trunk fibers into twelve duplex LC connections at the front, supporting 24 fibers per cassette. This cassette resides in a time-proven chassis which provides cable management and protection for both the MPO at the rear and LC cords at the front. Fiber enclosures are stackable and available in 1, 2, and 4 RU versions and support up to 36 duplex LCs (72 fibers) per rack unit. They can be populated all at once, or added to or upgraded a cassette at a time in the future. The Fiber enclosure also supports high density 10 Gigabit cassettes, as well as 40 and 100 GbE versions, allowing an upgrade path by changing the cassette at the front and using existing and additional 24-fiber trunks at the rear. The following is we need in the 10 Gigabit Interconnect Solution.

24 fiber trunk cables are used to connect 24 fiber 10G, 40G and 100G MPO cassettes. MPO fiber trunk cable provide the possibility to make cross-connections or inter-connections to the equipment. In case the MPO cable is connected with MPO couplers, one of the MPO connectors must have pins.

The 24 fiber MPO trunk cables are constructed from 7.5mm loose tube gel filled indoor/outdoor rated cable. The transition at each end to 3.8mm round MPO tails is protected with a free floating fiber over-molded fan-out. On both sides of the MPO connector, the tails are protected with a clear plastic protection sleeve. The sleeve is closed with a re-usable tie-wrap which can be used to strain relieve the MPO trunk to the panel or cabinet at the over-molded fan-out. For placing/pulling the trunks over longer lengths, a re-usable IP67 protection/pulling kit can be ordered separately.

trunk cable


Pre-terminated low loss MPO trunk cable
OM3 or OM4 bend insensitive fiber glass in an LSZH loose tube cable
Mated MPO performance for OM3 and OM4:
Attenuation ≤ 0.25 dB(max.) RL ≥ 28 dB(min)
MPO tail length 80 cm

Each product is individually tested to ensure that its performance meets or exceeds the required standard. The test results are supplied with each product.
Protection / pulling kit can be ordered separately.

The 24-fiber data center fiber trunking and interconnect solution is ideal for medium- to large-size data center customers and markets, from healthcare and finance to broadcasting and government—essentially anyone that foresees the need to update from 10- to 40/100-GbE in the future. With guaranteed support for all three applications, the ability to use all the fiber deployed, reduced cable congestion and better airflow, higher port densities in fiber panels and an easy migration scheme, the data center fiber trunking and interconnect solution with 24-fiber trunk cables offers lower future capital and operating expense.