How To Improve The Reliable And Stable Operation Of The Optical Fiber Cable


The fiber optical cable is a certain amount of fiber cable core, according to certain outsourcing jacket, and some coated outer sheath to achieve a communication line of the optical signal transmission. The fiber optic cable is today’s information society various information network transfer tool. If the “Internet” is referred to as the “information superhighway”, then the fiber optic cable network is the cornerstone of the information highway – cable network is the physical routing of the Internet. Once a cable destruction and blocking, the direction of the “information superhighway” is destroyed. Through the optical transmission of information, in addition to the usual telephone, telex, fax outside, a large number of transmission moment of television signals, bank transfer, the stock market can not be interrupted. , Cable plays an important role in today’s information society, once the cable is damaged, easy to make the communication to transmit information is not working properly, affecting work and life.

So, in today’s information society, how to improve the reliable and stable operation of the ordinary optical fiber cable is an important topic that we can not ignore.

The first point, the path of scientific and rational choice. Ordinary Aerial Cable is running the main members of the power of optical networking. To make the cable safe and stable operation, we must first choose a suitable path after construction but also maintenance personnel regularly check and maintenance in order to ensure the stable operation of the fiber optic cable in the future. The path of the fiber optic cable along the highway should try to choose, Village Road side toward the outside but also consider other environmental factors.

The second point, the loss of the fiber optic cable and its solutions. The stability and reliability of the optical fiber and transmission loss characteristics is to determine one of the most important factor of the optical fiber transmission distance optical fiber transmission loss causes are many, in the construction and maintenance of optical fiber communication network, the most noteworthy is the fiber transmission loss caused and how to reduce these losses. Transmission loss is mainly caused in the use of fiber splice loss (inherent in the fiber splicing losses and activities splice loss) and non-splice loss (caused by the loss of bending loss and other construction factors and application environment) categories.

Cable design and planning, rational distribution, construction experience needs to continue to explore and accumulate further improve the fiber optic cable construction program. Eliminating defects by means of fiber-optic cables run, constantly sum up the problems found in the running, can improve the quality of optical transmission, to extend the service life of the fiber optic cable, to adapt to the needs of the system communications and development and construction.From FiberStore,we provide some types of bulk fiber optic cable,including Indoor Cables, Outdoor Cables, FTTH Cables, Armored Cables, LSZH Cables and some special cables. They are various at Aerial Cables, Building Cables, Direct buried cables, Duct Cables, Underwater/Submarine Cable. If you have any questions with fiber optic cable,welcome to contact us .

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