An Overview Of The Armored Fiber Cable


Fiber optic cables form one of the most important parts of the networking industry today. Fiber cables are composed of one or more transparent optical fibers enclosed in a protective covering and strength members. Fiber cables are used to transmit data by the mode of light. Various types of fiber cables available are multimode duplex fiber cables, single mode simplex fiber cables, single mode duplex fiber cables, armored fiber cables and plastic optical fiber cables.

What is Armored Fiber Cable

Armored Fiber Cable, is outside the optical fiber is then wrapped in a layer of protective of “armor”, is mainly used to meet the requirements of customers rodent, moisture proof, etc. Armored cable is a power cable made up by assembling two or more electrical conductors, generally held together with an overall sheath. This electrical cable with high protective covering is used for transmission of electrical power, especially for underground wiring needs. However, these cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or may even be kept exposed. They are available as single conductor cable as well as multi-conductor cables.

Common Armored Fiber Cable

Armored fiber optic cables are often installed in a network for added mechanical protection, as they have extra reinforcing in the cable housing to prevent damage. Two types of armored fiber optic cables exist: interlocking and corrugated. Interlocking armor is an aluminum armor that is helically wrapped around the cable and found in indoor and indoor/outdoor cables. It offers ruggedness and superior crush resistance. Corrugated armor is a coated steel tape folded around the cable longitudinally. It is found in outdoor cables and offers extra mechanical and rodent protection.

Armored Flame Retardant Fiber Optic Cable for Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables have been pretty hot in the last several years and there are good reasons for this. For service providers, indoor/outdoor fiber cables really present big time and cost savings. This cable design can come from the outdoor environment and enter a building without the need to switch cable designs to have the flame retardance required indoors. This dual purpose cable can reduce the cost of the terminations and related labor to change cable designs.

The development of dry water blocking core technology has also helped indoor/outdoor fiber cable development. This dry core technology uses water swellable materials to block the flow of moisture in the longitudinal direction.We also provide other types of fiber optic cable,such as the waterproof cable,waterproof fiber pigtail cable can be used in harsh environment. It is mainly used in outdoor connection of the optical transmitter. Waterproof fiber pigtail is designed with a stainless steel strengthened waterproof unit and armored outdoor PE jacketed cables.

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