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What is Optical attenuator?

Optical attenuators are used in optical power attenuation device, it is mainly used for fiber optic system of measurement, signal attenuation for short distance communication system and system test, etc. Optical attenuator require light weight, small volume, high precision, good stability, convenient use, etc. It can be divided into fixed, variable, continuous adjustable several classification.

Sometimes in optical network, people need to reduce the fiber optical power levels from one device to another; Fiber optic attenuator is a device, the function. Unit “dB”, normally from 1 dB optical attenuator to 20 dB measures of fiber optic attenuator, fiber optic attenuation level. This is called a fixed value, fiber optic attenuator, each piece of attenuation of optical fiber attenuator is fixed.

Fiber optic attenuators can be designed to use with various kinds of fiber optic connectors. the attenuators can be female to female which is called bulkhead fiber optic attenuator or male to female which is also called a plug fiber optic attenuator. Bulkhead and plug types are designed without cables, another type inline fiber optic attenuator is designed with a piece of fiber optic cable.

Variable Attenuator:

Three basic types of Fiber optical attenuators are step wise variable, continuously variable and fixed.Fiberstore Hot sales fiber optic attenuators are Variable Attenuators. Variable optical attenuator offer a range of attenuation values. They are used for testing and measurement, or when you need to equalize the power between different signals.Variable fiber attenuator can help user vary the light power injected from a light source into the optical fiber. Important parameter of variable fiber attenuator include its insertion loss, reflection loss and attenuation range. We supply ST, FC, SC, LC variable Optical Attenuators with APC, UPC type. Attenuation range available is from 1dB to 30dB.

Wide range variable & inline fiber optic attenuator

The inline fiber optic attenuator are with more accurate attenuation compared with traditional connector type fiber optic attenuators. what is more ,this fiber optic attenuator is with a precision screw set, by turing it ,the attenuation range can be varied. and this fiber optical attenuator can be with various terminations on the each side of the cable.

Fiber optic attenuator technique data

  • UPC type return loss 50dB or greater
  • APC type return loss 60dB or greater
  • Working wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm

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