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HDMI Extender (Optical Use) About Chromecast


The HDMI Extender is also optional, and helps you connect the Chromecast even if does not plug directly into your television. It is, by all accounts, an extension. That is to say, if you cannot reach the back of your television (if it is mounted to the wall, perhaps), the extension will give you the room you need to still use the device. It may also improve your Wi-Fi reception, so hang onto it in case your television prompts you to use it during set up. If you do need it, coonect the HDMI video multiplexer into the television first, and then plug the Chromecast into the extender. This will keep you from damaging the small device before you even get to use it!

There is a small instruction manual that comes in the box as well. Small describes this instructional sheet perfectly because it appears to have been designed and printed for a baby doll to read. It is so tiny, in fact, that it is hard to turn the pages without feeling silly. The good news is, the Chromecast is simplicity as its best, so the manual isn’t really necessary. But it is cute.

You should already have some sort of television or display monitor which has an available HDMI port to plug the Chromecast into. If it has a USB port, that’s also helpful for plugging in the micro-USB power cable to. If your TV doesn’t have the USB port, don’t worry, you can plug the micro-USB cable (included) into the included USB/AC power adapater, and then plug that into a nearby wall outlet.

You’ll want to have a wireless network set up in your home (with a wireless modern and possibly a wireless router). If you have a secure wireless network, make sure you have any password or other info handy to enter for the Chromecast setup.

For streaming content to your Chromecast on your TV or monitor, you’ll need a Mac, Windows or Chromebook Pixel computer.

Additionally, you can use an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. At this time, only certain apps will work on the mobile devices for streaming content. These include YouTube and Netflix, which you’ll be able to use. In the future, there is very likely to be more apps developed that will allow you to use the Chromecast streaming to your TV.

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