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Why Is Plenum Cable Important to High Density Data Centers?


In most terrible building or house fire disasters, combustible plastics (PVC) used in the wiring are always among the very things that contribute to the rapid spread of fire and toxic smoke. And the air conditioning systems even help the toxic smoke given off by the burning cables to spread throughout the building quickly. As for the high density data center with high speed computing equipment and large amount of plastic jacketed cables, it is crucial to take measures to reduce the damage in an unwanted fire. How to make the crucial data center a safer place? The high quality plenum cable (eg. MTP fiber) can be one of the best choices.

break-down of precision air conditioning system might lead to fire incident

The break-down of precision air conditioning system might lead to fire incident.

Plenum Cable for Data Center Environment

Plenum space is an area used for return of air circulation or air conditioning systems. In a data center, the spaces covered by the precision air conditioning unit are often necessary to deploy plenum products. They include not only plenum containment that separates cold aisle and hot aisle, but also plenum cables that meet the highest fire code requirements. Both electric cables and fiber optic cables are required to be plenum rated (CMP) when they are installed in inner walls and inner ceilings of data center buildings.

Cold aisle containment (left) and hot aisle containment (right) in a precision air conditioning unit.

Cold aisle containment (left) and hot aisle containment (right) in a precision air conditioning unit.

MTP Plenum Fiber: Get Safety and High Bandwidth at the Same Time

The integration of plenum jacket and MTP fiber is a perfect solution for high density data center applications. The safety feature of the plenum cable and the high fiber port count of MTP connector endow the data center with two essential components. By using MTP plenum cable, the possible danger that might be caused by cables located at cold aisle and hot aisle can be minimized when a fire incident occurs. In addition, the high bandwidth demands within a limited space in data center can be satisfied.

safe and high speed mtp plenum cable

Use MTP plenum cable to get safety and high bandwidth at the same time.

When buying MTP fibers, be sure to check if it is genuine plenum rated and the MTP connector should meet the physical connection standard for acceptable insertion loss. When burnt, plenum cable will give off little smoke, and the color of the smoke is light instead of dark. FS MTP plenum cables are made of Corning fiber and U.S. Conec MTP connector. They are all tested and guaranteed by 3D interferometry and the insertion loss is no more than 0.35 dB. No matter it is the plenum jacket, the inner fiber, the connector, or the end face geometry, they are all genuine parts and in high quality. They can be checked by any user without a problem.

FS high quality MTP plenum cable made of U.S. Conec connector and Corning fiber.

FS high quality MTP plenum cable made of U.S. Conec connector and Corning fiber.

MTP MPO Cable Assemblies


MTP/MPO assemblies utilize a push-pull connector housing for a quick and reliable connection. For optical device interconnections, MTP MPO assemblies interface on the daughter card to HBMT and BMTP adapters on the backplane.

Multiple transitions fibers are available to meet a variety of fiber routing requirements.Fanouts to single fiber leads connectorized with Molex industry standard LC, MU, FC, SC and ST connectors are available to interconnect with the current installed base of transmitters, receivers and patch panels.

A singlemode low loss version of the MTP/MPO connector is achieved by using more precise MT 8-fiber ferrules and guide pins. The superior precision of the singlemode low loss MT ferrule yields comparable insertion loss values of the single fiber ceramic ferrules.

Our fiberstore offers a wide range of high quality MTP/MPO Patch Cable, MTP/MPO harness cable, MTP/MPO trunk cable,ect. The following are some products related MTP/MPO products.

MTP Trunk Cable

MTP Fiber Trunk Cables for Point to Point Fiber Optic Cabling – 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 144 Count Fibers per Trunk.

MTP trunks are bundles of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 individual MTP Cables and have 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 144 Count Fibers per Trunk, respectively. We manufacture and supply MTP trunks in a large diversity of lengths and environmental standards from data center networking to industrial applications.

MPO Fiber

These MPO Fiber connector come with a push and pull latching technology are available with a range of 4, 8, 12, or 24 fibers. Housings are color coded to distinguish green for single-mode and beige for multi-mode. Engineered in compliance to IEC Standards 1754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 tested to Telecordia GR-1435.

There many typles for you choosing MTP MPO Fiber Patch Cables in our store. A UPC,APC,PC single mode or multimode ribbon cable assemblies. The fan-out, breakout cables are ideal connection to patch panels and data distribution routing. These can be made with 12 fiber MTP connectors, 24 Fiber MTP connectors, 48 Fiber MTP connector variations.  We use USConec MTP fiber optic connectors for all of our MTP and MPO terminations so that the highest performance is accomplished. Many additional options and combinations are available in our fiberstore.