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Bare Fiber Adapter Installation Guide


Bare fiber adapter is a typical type of fiber optic adapters that places industry standard connectors on unterminated fiber. It is contained in a durable aluminum-alloy housing which is easy to stabilize any magnetic surface for hands free use. Bare fiber adapter provides a temporary connection that eliminates the time consuming process of splicing jumpers onto individual fibers to testing, allowing users to easily test and detect fiber damages anywhere, anytime.

ST Bare Fiber Adapter

Bare fiber adapters enable quick and easy temporary connections of single mode and multimode fibers. These adaptors are very useful for connecting fibers to optical power meter, optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and a variety of other instruments, enabling in-situ functional testing without having to attach a permanent connector.

Bare fiber adapters provide a simple and effective way to use un-terminated fibers with commercial receptacles. Here is the installation guide for the bare fiber adapters.

Steps to Install Bare Fiber Adapter

Attaching the patch cord

Clean connectors on fiber jumper or launch reel. Position connector on fiber jumper or launch reel with bare fiber adapter connector port. Insert the connector into the bare fiber adapter connector port until hear a click.

Preparing the fiber

Remove 6 inches of jacket and Kevlar. Remove 1 inch of coating and cladding. Cut the fiber 12mm-15mm long with fiber cleavers.

Inserting the fiber

Clean the bare fiber. Press and hold down the button (There is a button on the adapter) while slowly and carefully inserting the bare fiber into the fiber port. Open the window to visually see the proper alignment of the bare fiber in the V-groove. To prevent accidental breakage of the glass fiber, slowly insert 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of fiber at a time. Rotate the fiber until the glass aligns with the v-groove to enter the connector port. Push the fiber until it stops in the connector port After that, releaser the button to secure the fiber.

Removing the fiber

Press and hold down the button while slowly and carefully pulling the bare fiber out of the fiber port. Be sure to check for any broken glass fiber pieces after removing the bare fiber from the adapter.

Removing the jumper cable

Slowing pull the fiber jumper connector out the connector port. Broken fibers are easily removed with piano wire, allowing hundreds of insertions.


FS.COM supplies the largest selection of bare fiber adapters connector styles on the market including SC, ST and FC bare fiber optic adaptor with stable qualities. These adapters use high-quality ceramic ferrules and precise fiber connector housing parts, they are used to quickly and easily terminate the fiber to the equipment.