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How To Use Magnifier Inspect Fiber Optic Connector


We can use magnifier to check the fiber optic connector pin end, which quickly determined that the connector insertion loss is high or low, the need for re-grinding. With this method, you only need a few seconds, you can initially conclude that the connector meets the quality requirements. Than the use of instruments that measure the specific optical connector insertion loss value, and then determine wheter the quality meets the requirements, greatly reducing the time and improve efficiency.

Testing Equipment

Using fiber magnifier to check fiber optic connector pins end, we need at least the following equipment:

1. 200 times or 400 times of fiber optic magnifier(according to the type of fiber connector to check the selection of suitable fiber adapters);

2. Pure alcohole and lens paper (hairless soft paper);

3. Light source (we used here instead of incandescent bulbs);

Testing Steps

Check the following steps:

1. Remove the dust cap at the end of the connector to check;
2. Insert the connector in the magnifying glass of the adapter;
3. If you can not see the field of vision magnifier pin end, then adjust the position of magnifier adjustment knob until the pin end graphics all entered the field of vision;
4. Adjust the focal length of the magnifying glass to the right position, making the pin end graphics to clear;
5. Check the pin end, works well for grinding connector. Its face should be round, very smooth, the end of the fiber core is flush with the pin, and showed concentric ring shape; If there is dust (or defects), use lens paper (hairless soft paper) stick of pure alcohol wipe until the surface no dust (or you can see the clear flaws);
6. The other end of the connector to remove the dust cap, and make the end of the pins on the incandescent bulbs, we just checked in the connector end can see the light, otherwise the connector where a fiber optic cable has broken;
7. Repeat the above steps, check again, you will see a very bright core pin end view may find minor flaws;
8. Exchange ends of the connector, repeat the above steps to check the other end;
9. Mark the connector end of the existing problems with the tag, using appropriate methods, or grinding or re-assembled connector, and then repeat the steps above to be checked.

Analysis of test results

The use of a magnifier fiber optic connector for the inspection, we can see that a very good grinding effect fiber connector pin end face should have graphical features, it can have a variety of different types of defects that the end face of the connector graphical features. According to what we see different kinds of graphics, combined with our analysis, we can take the appropriate measures for improvement, in order to ensure the quality of the connector.

Recommended to use at least 200 times (preferably 400 times) of the optical magnifier to be checked. In order to check the accuracy, certainly with and without the use of incandescent bulbs in both cases with a magnifier to check connector end. In both cases the control of the end face of the pattern that can better determine whether defective.

For a good grinding effect connectors, we do not need any additional processing, instrumentatioin can be used directly for subsequent testing. If the connector is more obvious defects (based on experience needed to judge), its loss is likely higher, beyond the acceptable range of technical requipments, we can directly determine the quality problems. But for smaller connectors defective, the loss may be within the required range, then we need to use instrumentation to determine the actual test.

How to determine whether the effect of the connector polishing is “Good”?

If the connector pin end and core are round, smooth, while the fiber core is flush with the pin end, concentricity good, it is “good”, and without blemish.

If one connector looks “bad”, then the center or not circular, or is not smooth, or concentricity deviation is large, or the presence of other defects. For example, if the fiber has partially broken, then its will not be a full circle core.

The most serious situation is that we are under a magnifier to see the clear outline of the core of the phenomenon we call “fragmentation”. More than a brief introduction to how to determine a connector is a “good” or “bad”.