Function And knowledge With GBIC Transceiver Modules


Gigabit Interface Converter referred to as GBIC, Gigabit convert electrical signals to optical signals interface device. GBIC transceiver is probably the many types of optical transceivers that will send and receive data. GBIC module is designed for hot-swappable. GBIC interchangeable products meet international standards. The GBIC interface design Gigabit switch interchangeable flexible to take into account a sizable market share available in the market.

GBIC module

Functions of GBIC Module

The GBIC transceiver functions being an input/output transceiver. It plugs into the gigabit Ethernet port on a single end, for instance a port found on network switching equipment. On the other end, the transceiver is attached to the fiber optic network, usually via fiber optic patch cords. The unit is seen as a features, including the wavelengths it can handle, how fast and efficiently it transmits data, the energy it needs to operate, and what distance it could transmit data over. These are the basic main considerations when purchasing a GBIC transceiver to make sure it meets network performance requirements.

Other important features of a GBIC transceiver which increase energy efficiency initiatives are how the unit offers low power dissipation and emits little electromagnetic interference. Each device can install and performance without disrupting anything, but this plug and play capability could be offset by the need to disconnect patch cords before it is installed or removed. Harmful electrical currents and data discrepancies can happen, and it is usually wise to take precautions to avert this whenever you can, specifically in high-density networks.

Transfer Speed of GBIC Module

Data rates vary on GBIC module model specifications, but they have a the least 1 gigabit per second. Manufacturers, such as Cisco, make GBIC modules with varying transfer speeds.

Signal Conversion of GBIC Module

The GBIC can be a module which is plugged into a device that generates electrical signals and in to a device that generates optical signals. The GBIC converts both signals backwards and forwards as needed by the devices. The GBIC even offers identification and system information which allows each device to learn the other’s capabilities.

Uses of GBIC Module

A GBIC module allows an individual to reconfigure fiber links, configure tailor receiver costs, link networking distances and organize network topologies based on set requirements. Utilized on a fiber optic or perhaps an Ethernet system, GBIC modules can be upgraded, substituted or plugged in without switching off the pc. This flexibility eliminates the need to replace entire system networking boards.

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