10G Ethernet Transmission MPO System Scheme


June 2002, IEEE802.3ae Task Force issued a series of fiber-based Gigabit Ethernet standard, commonly used in LAN 10GBase-SR/SW as example, 10GBase-SR/SW using serial transmission technology, that is, each core optical fiber only send or receive signals, so to achieve 10Gbps transmission requires at least two-core optical fiber.

MPO fiber optic deployment system has two solutions, one is to use the program with MPO module box, because MPO module box is with metal needles, therefore MPO trunk cables do not need to distinguish whether with a metal pin (Pin), most users tend to use MPO module case scenario; another option is to use MPO coupler, such programs must differentiate between MPO trunk cables with metal needles and without metal pin, the other two ends need to convert Fiber Jumper, so this program is rarely adoption.

According ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 standards are divided into the following two types of duplex Fiber jumpers:

Standard: (A-B)

MPO Fiber

Non-Standard: (A-A)


According ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 standard, MPO coupler is divided into Type A, Type B two types:

MPO Fiber Connector

MPO Fiber Optic

MPO fiber optic system according to the MPO trunk cables, MPO module boxes and jumpers of different types have different combinations of programs, mainly A, B, C three kinds of channel combination scheme

Method A: Using straight-through (Type A) of MPO trunk cables, Fiber Jumpers must be used at both ends of different models, Scenario A increases the complexity of the orders, it is not recommended to use programs A.

Method B: A fully cross (Type B) of MPO trunk cables, MPO module box must use two different types (Key Up-Key Up) and (Key Down-Key Down), another plan B does not support the ramp octave end face (singlemode fiber, so most manufacturers do not recommend using program B.

Method C: Using lines cross (Type C) of MPO trunk cables, MPO consistent at both ends of the module box (Type A) and standard jumpers, so Option C is the solution of choice for 10G Ethernet recommended.

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