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Considerations for Buying Compatible Optical Transceiver


When choosing compatible optical transceiver, nearly 90% of transceiver end users may worry about their quality and compatibility. As we know, the price of compatible optical module is usually much lower than original-brand transceiver. So, can compatible optical transceiver really perform well as the original one? What should I pay attention to when buying compatible optical module? This blog will give you some practical advice aimed to help you choose compatible optical transceiver with high compatibility and low cost.

Main Concerns for Buying Compatible Optical Transceiver

  • Compatibility – The transceiver can’t be compatible with your original-brand switch.
  • Life Span – The quality of the transceiver is not reliable and the service life is short.
  • Poor performance – High latency etc.
  • Others – Refurbished modules, power consumption etc.

Compatible Optical Transceiver

How to Ensure Quality of Compatible Optical Transceiver?

1. Professional Testing Process

Make sure the compatible optical transceiver you buy is tested on relevant original-brand switch. For example, when you buy a Cisco compatible optical transceiver, make sure it’s tested on Cisco switches. Usually, the compatible optical transceiver that has been tested can always guarantee perfect performance in your network.

2. Guaranteed Warranty Policy

The shopping experience tells us that bad quality products usually have short-term warranties. If there’s something wrong with your products, the vendor won’t give you any maintenance and return service. Instead, if the warranty time is long such as lifetime warranty, the products’ quality may be more reliable and stable.

3. Reputable Brand Vendor

With strict quality control system and OEM experience for many years, reputable brand vendors can usually guarantee a reliable and stable connectivity for your high-speed fiber transmission system. All the raw materials they used are safe and the performance can be comparable with the original.

Reliable Compatible Optical Transceiver Structure Details

Besides the considerations mentioned above, knowing the structure details requirement of a good compatible optical transceiver may also help you a lot.

1. Premium Metal Housing

A good transceiver module is made of premium pluggable hard gold plating, which can ensure repeated plugging and unplugging. In addition, by strict control of the gold plating thickness, it can reach a superior quality and ensure excellent connection as well as reducing the working temperature.


2. High-Quality Laser

The high-quality laser is with high sensitivity, low attenuation and high quality which ensure the perfect signal transmitting and receiving.


3. Advanced Chip

The advanced chip offers the high performance and low power consumption to the module solution which ensures the signal to be transmitted with high speed and stable performance.


4. Perfect Combination

The combination of the gold-finger (conductive metal), chip and metal housing makes a perfect transceiver module.



When you’re looking to upgrade your network, it makes sense to choose a compatible optical transceiver to help save cost. FS.COM, a professional manufacturer and supplier of compatible optical transceiver, may be your ideal choice. Each transceiver module from FS.COM is tested on the real working environment before shipping which ensures the reliable and stable performance. Besides, FS.COM offers a 60-day money-back return policy and a guaranteed warranty policy to ensure their transceivers’ quality. If you try to use them, you may like them.

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