Three Kinds of Polarity Reversal Methods of LC Uniboot Patch Cords


As the networking environment of today becomes increasingly dependent on high-speed and high-density solutions, effective cable management is a real problem. The challenge is how to manage more cables in a smaller amount of space. The LC uniboot patch cord utilises a special “round duplex” cable that allows duplex transmission within a single 2.4mm or 3.0mm cable, which reduces cable management space by up to 70% comparing to standard LC patch cords. Besides, it has a unique polarity reversal design allows the fiber polarity to be easily switched without the use of any tools. In today’s LC uniboot patch cords market, there are usually three methods to reverse the polarity.

Method One
1. Open connector top.

2. Switch the polarity.

3. Close connector top.


Method Two
1. Locate trigger housing on LC uniboot connector and pull towards the boot.

2. Open trigger housing is resting on the boot turn each LC connector to the outside 180 degrees one at a time.

3. Complete the polarity reversal by turning the resting trigger housing 180 degrees around boot and click into LC until you hear a click.


Method Three
1. Connector Polarity
Uncrossed lines under the connector latch on the housing at both ends indicates uncrossed fiber polarity A-B/B-A.

2. Unlock Front Housing on One End
Push the keys on either side to unlock the housing to remove the front section of the Uniboot housing.


3. Remove Front Housing
Slide the front housing away from the rest of the Uniboot.

4. Rotate Front Housing
Flip the released section of the housing. Do not rotate or twist the fiber.

5. Attach Front Housing
Push the housing back over the ends and the rest of the Uniboot connector until it clicks back into place.

6. Connector Polarity
Finished result should now show crossed lines under the flipped connector latch and uncrossed lines on the unaltered end. This would indicate a crossed fiber polarity A-A/B-B.


Different kind of LC uniboot patch cords may have different polarity reversal design, therefore we must use different method to change the polarity. When you choose to use LC uniboot patch cords in your network, keep in mind to take the polarity reversal methods in to consideration. FS.COM LC uniboot patch cords (easily reverse the polarity with method one) terminated with premium grade zirconia ceramic ferrule connectors which help assure high transmission quality and low optical power loss and offer improved airflow and visibility of equipment within a high-density network environment.