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CWDM DWDM Networking Solutions


Wavelength division multiplexing is a cost effective and efficient way for expanding the fiber optic transmission capacity, because it allows using current electronics and current fibers and simply shares fibers by transmitting different channels at different color (wavelength) of light.

Wavelength Division Multiplexing, WDM is a technique that multiplexing several signals over a single fiber optic cables by optical carriers of different wavelength, using light from a laser or a LED. According to the number of wavelengths it supports, there are Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM).

CWDM was introduced as a low-cost approach to increasing bandwidth utilization of the fiber infrastructure. By using several wavelengths/colors of the light, 18 channels are viable and defined in the ITU-T standard G.694.2. CWDM systems typically provide 8 wavelengths, separated by 20nm, from 1470nm to 1610nm.

Benefits of CWDM
Passive equipment that uses no electrical power
Extended Temperature Range (0-70C)
Much lower cost per channel than DWDM
Scalability to grow fiber capacity with little or no increased cost
Protocol Transparent
Simple to install and use

Drawbacks of CWDM
16 channels may not be enough
Passive equipment offers no management capacities

DWDM packing WDM channels denser than in CWDM systems, 100 GHz spacing (approx. 0.8nm), more channels and higher capacity can be achieved using DWDM. IUT-T recommendation G.694.1 defines the DWDM channels spectrum. DWDM comes in two different versions: an active solution and a passive solution. An active solution is going to require wavelength management and it a good fit for applications involving more than 32 lines over the same fiber. In most cases, passive DWDM is looked at as a more realistic alternative to active DWDM.

Benefits of DWDM
Up to 32 channels can be done passively
Up to 160 channels with an active solution
Active solutions typically involve optical amplifiers to achieve longer distances

Drawbacks of DWDM
DWDM is very expensive
Active solutions require a lot of set-up and maintenance expense
“Passive” DWDM solution still requires power

Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing (OADM)
By optical add/drop multiplexing techniques, wavelength channels may be added and dropped at intermediate nodes using passive optical components only. Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers are used in WDM Systems for multiplexing and routing fiber optic signals. They can multiplex several low-bandwidth streams of data into a single light beam, and simultaneously, it can drop or remove other low-bandwidth signals from the stream of data and direct them to other network routers. There are CWDM OADM and DWDM OADM.

FiberStore offer a wide range of WDM optical networking products that allow transport of any mix of service from 2Mbps up to 200Gbps. Our highly reliable WDM/CWDM/DWDM products include CWDM multiplexers and demultiplexer, DWDM Multiplexers and demultiplexers, CWDM & DWDM Optical Add-drop Multiplexer, Filter WDM modules, CATV amplifier, OEO converters as well as many other most demanding CWDM DWDM networking infrastructure equipment.

Overview Optical Fiber Amplifier From Fiberstore


The Optical Amplifiers are devices that direct the amplified light signal, without the need to first convert it into an electrical signal. Prior to this, the transmission signal amplification to achieve the photoelectric conversion and electro-optical conversion, i.e., O / E / O converting. With the optical amplifier can achieve optical signal amplification. The successful development of the optical amplifier and its industrialization is a very important achievement in the optical fiber communication technology, it has greatly contributed to the development of optical multiplexing, optical soliton communication and all-optical network.

Fiber amplifier will not only directly amplifying optical signals, and also offers real-time, high gain, broadband, online, low noise, low loss optical zoom function is the key components of a new generation of optical fiber communication systems essential. The Fiber Amplifier Usually by the gain medium, the pumping light input-output coupling structure and composition. Fiber amplifier mainly erbium-doped fiber amplifier, semiconductor optical amplifiers and three optical fiber Raman amplifier according to the position and the role of the fiber amplifier in the optical fiber line relay amplification, generally divided into three pre-amplification and power amplification.

Optical Fiber Amplifier(OFA) is used in optical fiber communication lines, to achieve a new all-optical signal amplification amplifier. Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) and optical fiber Raman amplifier (FRA), erbium-doped fiber amplifier with its superior performance in practical fiber amplifier is now widely used in long distance, high-capacity, high-speed optical fiber communication systems, access networks, optical fiber CATV networks, military systems (radar multi-channel data multiplexing, data transmission, guidance, etc.) in areas such as power amplifiers, repeaters amplifier and preamplifier .

Coexistence of CATV network for hybrid fiber / coax structure of a variety of systems, the erbium-doped fiber amplifier is increasingly able to get attention, especially the front-end centralized system, point-to-multipoint light wave structure and long-distance trunk transmission system especially. For CATV designers most commonly tree distribution network, the efficiency of the system is determined by the cost per user. CATV amplifier is a electronic device that accept a varying input signal and produce an output signal that varies in the same way as the input, but has larger amplitude.Therefore, the use of erbium-doped fiber amplifier to increase the optical power on the basis of the original transmitting equipment, services for more users, thereby reducing the cost of the transmitter units of milliwatts. In addition, in recent years, including erbium-doped fiber amplifier 1550nm light emitting device can be the cheapest fiber to the curb and fiber to the building. All in all, CATV fiber trunk transmission and power distribution system as well as the progressive realization of the “triple play” of voice, video, data path transmission for the ultimate realization of broadband integrated services digital network, erbium-doped fiber amplifier will play an invaluable role.

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