Fiber Optic Cable Circuit Also Need Lightning Protection


Some time ago a customer bought the fiber optic cable from, but he asked me if it can be used in frequent areas of lightning and if he needs to lightning protection. Well, As for this problem, I give the customer this explanation.

Suitable cable barrier property makes its lightning protection is not so obvious as coax and open cable circuit. And in the process of rapid development of fiber optic cables, safety grounding is often misunderstood and even forgotten. With a large number of adoptions of optical fiber cable, the situation of the fiber optical cable circuit from lightning often occurs these years. Fiber optic cable circuit has a great deal of capacity and the easiest links that be lightning struck is buried links, and it is also difficult to repair, so once it is in trouble, will cause huge losses. This page mainly introduces the fiber optic cable circuit lightning protection.

Fiber Optic Cable Lightning Protection

Fiber optic cable has no electrical conductivity, can protect from impact current, but in order to male high capacity optical cables from environmental events, fiber optic cables must have armored cable components and when electric line close to short and a lighting strike, people will feel current ac or surge current, harm the safety or damage the link road equipment. Related product: adss fiber.

Lightning has the trend to find the minimum impedance path to bleed thundercloud charge opposite charges neutralize underground. When lightning the land or buildings, lightning point potential while the cable extends to the very far, far end can be regarded as a potential 0, so the potential of lightning strikes near the cable is also regarded as 0. Such colony formation and fiber optic cable between the lightning point of great potential difference, the potential difference exceeds the compressive strength of Jiang Lei point between the outer sheath of the cable will breakdown the outer sheath formed from lightning point to the metal components arc channel, so a lot of lightning current flock to the cable, causing serious damage to the cable. ? It is the time to use optical fiber cable st termination kit. Cable lines in the construction inevitably damage PE (polyethylene) jacket, another rat-bite, external staff may cause the cable exposed metal components. These points will be easy to expose a strong electrical charge is introduced or lightning cable, causing damage.

According to relevant data show that in the following cases, cable lines susceptible to lightning strikes:

  • Metal sheaths, strengthen the core or the insulation lower copper cable.
  • Mutation terrain, soil resistivity changes in the larger area.
  • Cable trees or tall buildings with a single gauge are not enough time.

According to the above analysis, the same cable line to be concerned about its main work. Fiber optic cable lines for lightning protection, can target local weather and terrain and other natural conditions, a targeted manner. After analysis of a few lightning cable, I found that the cable line construction and maintenance should pay attention to the following questions.

aerial cable

First, as for aerial cables, one of the outdoor fiber optic cable, the connector box usually has to the structure of the core can be broken even, whether using electrical connected or disconnected, metal pressure plate structure is superior to the self-contained bolt connection, and the self-contained horizontal hole is better than vertical slot structure, it is a problem that should be paid attention to when choosing connector box.

Second, for underground cable lines protection, first of all, station grounding method, in the joint of the metal part of the cable shall be connected, the relay length of cable, moisture proof layer, strengthens core armored layer connected state.In both ends (station), the wrong layer, reinforcement, they can moisture proof layer should be through the arrester grounding.

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