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Frequently Asked Question About Fiber Patch Cord


What are fiber optic patch cables?
A fiber patchcord can be a cable that connects devices allowing information to pass together. Patch cords certainly are a common method of setting up wired connections between devices, including connecting a tv with a digital cable box using coaxial cable. These cords are used for any kind of signal transference, such as in a television, radio or computer network. These cables are manufactured with standard fiber optic cabling and are terminated with fiber optic connectors for both ends.

What are fiber optic cables used for?
There are several application areas for fiber optic patch cables, including connecting computer work stations to outlets and connecting fiber optic patch panels or optical cross connect distribution centers.

What would be the most common fiber optic patch cables?
There are lots of common forms of fiber patch cables and your network may need a number of these phones operate most efficiently. Professionals use a number of ways to categorize the most frequent fiber patch cables, like the fiber cable type, the termination connector types, the optical fiber modes, the dimensions of the fiber cable, as well as the various styles of polishing the connectors. FiberStore offer several types of common patch cable, it provides 10G OM3/OM4 fiber patch cable; 9/125 single-mode and OM2 50/125, OM1 62.5/125 multimode fiber patch cable having a number of connector types including LC, SC, ST, FC,MU and MTRJ.

What will be the fiber patch cables types?
There are the main kinds of fiber cable: Simplex, Duplex. A Simplex fiber patch cable has one fiber and one connector on each side. A Duplex fiber optic cable features two fibers and a couple connectors on both ends. Either each fiber will probably be marked separately (e.g., A and B) or the connector boots uses different colors to think the polarity of each connector.

How are fiber optic patch cables terminated?
You can find basically two methods to terminate a fiber cable: utilizing the same connector type on both ends from the cable (e.g., LC fiber patch cable: LC to LC) and taking advantage of two different connectors on each side from the cable (e.g., ST to SC fiber patch cable) which is also known as the Hybrid termination.

What the most common connector types for fiber optic cables?
Typically the most popular connector types are SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MU and FC.

What modes are utilized in optical fiber patch cables?
Currently, there are three different modes which can be used in fiber patch cords: singlemode, multimode, and 10G multimode. Singlemode fiber cables count on 9/125 micron fiber cable with singlemode connectors on both ends with the cable. Multimode fiber optic patch cables use 62.5/125 micron or 50/125 micron fiber cabling and therefore are terminated with multimode fiber optic connectors on each end of the cable. 10Gb multimode fiber optic patch cords use enhanced 50/125 micron fiber that is optimized for 850nm VCSEL based 10Gb Ethernet. They are usually suitable for existing network equipment and will offer 300% more bandwidth than traditional 62.5/125 multimode fibers. These cables will also be rated for distances up to 300 meters.

Why are there different connector polishing styles?
Fiber optic connectors were created, manufactured and polished to different shapes to reduce back reflection. Back reflection grades generally vary from -30dB to -60dB. Remember that polishing is especially important for applications in which singlemode fiber has been used.

What are a few other names for fiber optic patch cables?
This really is by no means a thorough list of synonyms of these cables, but we now have heard them called: fiber optic patch cords,fiber patch cables, fiber optic jumpers, fiber jumper cables, duplex fiber jumpers, fiber wire, lan fiber, network fiber, optic cables, network glass, plus more.

What information should i provide if I want to modify the fiber patch cable?
The following:
1. Quantity, and Length in meters.
2. Quantity of fibers.Simplex or Duplex.
3. Connector type for both ends, they could ‘t be exactly the same on both ends.
4. Singlemode or Multimode fiber. If Multimode please advise if 62.5/125 or 50/125, or 50/125 laser optimized.
5. PVC or Plenum jacket.
6. It is possible to sent your customize detail info to the email: sales@fs.com, our sales will contact you as soon as possible, many thanks.

Select The Fiber Optic Patch Cable Types

Fiber patch cables would be the backbone of the fiber optics industry. Fiber Patch (Fiber Patch Cable or Fiber Jumper) is strands of optically pure glass as thin as real hair. Fiber patch cable is definitely an fiber cable which has fiber connectors placed on one ends. General utilization of these cable assemblies includes the interconnection of fiber cable systems and optics-to-electronic equipment. Another information on patch cable, if the fiber connectors are affixed to just one end of the cable, it’s called the fiber optic pigtails, in the event the fiber connectors are affixed to both ends, it is known as a fiber jumper or fiber patchcord.

Fiber Patch Cables Types

Given the high diversity you could face when trying to select a fiber patch, professionals happen to be classifying them to simply communication and organization. There are lots of ways to classify fiber patch cables:

Fiber cable type based classification:

Simplex and Duplex are the two main types of fiber cable. Simplex fiber patch cables feature one fiber then one connector on each side. A Duplex fiber optic cable has two fibers and a couple connectors on both ends.

Termination connector type based classification:

As with any connection system, termination types and compatibility are crucial.

There are generally two methods to terminate a fiber cable:

Indentical connector type for both ends of the cable; two different kinds (Hybrid) of connectors on each side with the cable.

Supported optical fiber modes based classification:

There are 3 different modes available when operating fiber patchcord: singlemode, multimode, and 10 Gigabit multimode.

Size from the fiber cable based classification:

Manufacturers make Fiber Optic Patch cord in the following sizes: 250 um, 900 um, 1.6 mm, 2.0 and 3.0 mm fiber optic cable.

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With more than A decade experience in the look and manufacture of fiber optic cable assemblies both for harsh and benign environments, FiberStore optical patch cords and connectors are being used on space, military, avionics, marine, and network communications applications worldwide. Our assembly staff is good at processing a multitude of fiber optic termini, including ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, & MU in Single-Mode and Multimode configurations. Our optical fibre patch leads are designed to meet worldwide specifications and requirements for data centre,telecommunications and industrial use. Fibre patch leads are a fundamental element of the optical systems that we manufacture and test in our own factory. When fiber optic patch cables are required, FiberStore delivers the absolute best.

The choice of fibre patch cords and cables can at times be overwhelming and managing these cables onsite can be problematic. We provide a variety of different connector configurations and lengths to make certain your installation is neater and everyday treatments for your fibre optic cabling is a lot easier. Easy to order, fast delivery, product quality and occasional price, top quality service will be the reasons our customers choose us. Should you interesting in, pls visit our website: www.fs.com.